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Ernest Zacharevic, the Lithuanian artist in Penang who has made quite a name for himself from his interesting wall murals in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and even Singapore, has done it again. This time, he has left his mark in Ipoh.

OLDTOWN White Coffee has teamed up with Ernest Zacharevic, a renowned Lithuanian artist to create the ‘Art of OLDTOWN’ as a celebration of the heritage and history shared between Ipoh, Old Town and OLDTOWN White Coffee. OLDTOWN is the leading white coffee manufacturer in Malaysia and in conjunction with this collaboration, Zacharevic will use his unique artistic creativity to paint 8 murals to celebrate Ipoh, Old Town, the birthplace of white coffee.

Ernest Zacharevic Completes All 8 Murals In Ipoh:

1. A Paper Plane (4.598776 N, 101.077827 E)
2. An Old Uncle Drinking Coffee (4.59843 N, 101.078542 E)
3. A Yellow Hummingbird (4.596715 N, 101.078483 E)
4. A 'Kopi' Break (4.596771 N, 101.078612 E)
5. A Bag Of Coffee (4.595918 N, 101.078195 E)
6. Girl On A Wall In Bandar Timah (4.59691 N, 101.078152 E)
7. Old Town Relives Nostalgia With Trishaw (4.59531 N, 101.078511 E)
8. Tin Mining Town With Chinese-Style Painting (4.5964 N, 101.079252 E)

Journey Of Painting, Inspiring And Making Friends: