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Ulu Geroh - Rafflesia
Ulu Geroh - Rafflesia
The Rafflesia Species named after M. Cantley, curator of the Singapore Botanic Gardens (1880-1886). The trekking will only take around 1 hour 30 minutes. But to go there, it will take another 1hour 30minutes by lorry. The walking distance are only a few kilometer (maximum 5km).

The trek to the Rafflesia is near a little village on Ulu Geroh about 12km from Gopeng, near Ipoh, Perak.Ulu Geroh surrounded by durian orchards, rubber and oil palm estates, kampungs and forest reserves, To trek through the jungle to where the Rafflesia thrives, you need to engage the services of a Semai Orang Asli guide. The trek was hilly, some parts you really have to climb. Halfway up the hill, you can already see a Rafflesia. There were a few rotting carcasses here and there.

Rafflesia is parasitic and gets their nutrients from the lianas they parasitically grow on. Indeed they are a fascinating species and it's unfortunate that their main claim to fame is by being the biggest flower in the world. Rafflesia is stemless, leafless, barkless, and rootless. It is reputed to have the most awful stench but this is quite exaggerated. A typical blooming period of the Rafflesia is within 4 to 5 days. There are hundreds of Rajah Brooke butterflies to see flitting about in a muddy area in the jungle of Ulu Geroh.
Ulu Geroh - Dewan Rafflesia
Ulu Geroh - Rafflesia
Ulu Geroh - Rafflesia
Ulu Geroh - Rafflesia
Ulu Geroh - Rafflesia
Ulu Geroh - Rafflesia
Ulu Geroh - Rafflesia
Ulu Geroh - Rafflesia

Things to Bring:

- T-Shirt (long sleeves), Leech Socks, Track Pants / Shorts, Hat / cap, Good hiking shoes
- Strap sandal / shoes, A set of clothing, Towel, Sun block lotion, Insect repellent


T-shirts are preferably non-white to avoid staining from the river and earth from the trek; Some part of the treks is steep so a good hiking shoes and long socks is required to avoid bites from leeches during the trek. Optional: Snacks like fruits and breath mints for energy
You will be greeted by riverbug's tour guides at Gopeng Toll Exit Plaza (Exit 135) who will then lead you to the parking area at Ulu River Lodge, then
assemble there and transfer to Ulu Geroh (which is the starting point of your Rafflesia Trek) by van or our infamous open top lorry. The journey to Ulu
Geroh will take approximately an hour.
You and the rest of the group of the day (if any) will be briefed by the Trek Guide at the starting point. After all safety measures are explained to you,
you will then start trekking into Ulu Geroh.

You will need to take an open top lorry for 1 hour and then another 1 1/2 hours of breathtaking view of the trekking into the nature and through Orang Asli
settlement. You will have the privilege of dining with the Orang Asli during lunch, but for those who are not so adventurous when it comes to food; don’t
worry because the food served will not be confined to the Orang Asli's diet.

You will however be confined - for a while - to take in the Orang Asli dance rituals (performance) before we whisk you away to visit the Rafflesia Centre
and then the Rajah Brooke Butterfly area where gigantic Brooke butterflies are seen in colonies of beauty.
End of Rafflesia trekking and on board the open top lorry again to RIverbug Starting Point.
Settle into your comfortable water-friendly attire as you get ready for the next activity: White Water Rafting. There are bathrooms provided for you to slip
into something lighter for rafting.
Next up - get ready to be wet, very very wet - you will be given life jacket, helmet and a paddle in order to be ready for a whole lot of fun: Rafting with
your RIVERBUG River Guide. You will be given safety briefing by your River Guide before setting the rubber raft in motion.
White water rafting set in motion. Your rafting excursion will cover 7 kilometers which will go through 9 major rapids to spike up the experience. This will
take about 1 and a half to 2 hours’ time and will go by in a blink of an eye. It would be thrilling as long as you don’t forget the "Paddle High Five" with
your Raft Crews as you successfully conquer each rapids and reach the ending point a survivor.
You reach the rafting ending point (Ulu River Lodge). You will have bathrooms in which to shower or simply change and freshen up with mineral water
and light snacks (on us!). Don’t forget to claim your white water rafting certificate personally signed by your river guide

If you’re interested in taking the Ulu Geroh Raffelsia Trail, you can get in touch with the tour guides. Their contacts are listed below -

En. Ahha (Green Badge Guide)
- +6017 3245200
En. Umar Sara
- +6012 6456254
Ratna Emah (Green Badge Guide)
- +6017 5040389

Online Booking: www.e-semai.org  l  www.journeymalaysia.com
Kampung Ulu Geroh is located approximately 175 km north of Kuala Lumpur - the capital city of Malaysia. The village is located in the state of Perak. The nearest town is Gopeng and further north is Ipoh - the capital city of Perak. If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur, head towards to Ipoh (capital city of Perak) and then towards Gopeng town (about 25km south of Ipoh). From here, arrangements can be made with Orang Asli tourist guides to pick you up to the settlement. The dirt road leading to the settlement requires four-wheel drive vehicles, so unless youre driving one, please ensure prior arrangements are done first with locals.
Ulu Geroh - Rafflesia map
Ulu Geroh Dewan Rafflesia Location Map